The Hempton - 40mg Original CBD Patches


Suffer from cramps and period pains?! The HEMPTON have you covered..leaders in CBD patches to help you relieve muscular pains and cramps through CBD absorption through the skin. These CBD topical patches are designed to deliver CBD to our body over 48 hours, no need for multiple dosing required throughout the day, just peel the patch and let the magical CBD relieve you of any discomfort. 

These CBD patches are activated by body heat and take advantage of a concentration gradient from the patch to your skin - from high concentration CBD to low concentration making the absorption smoother for your body.

The Hempton patches are best placed on a somewhat hair free area of skin with a high concentration of blood vessels, such as upper arms, back of the neck, thighs or lower back so that the body can steadily absorb the CBD in the patch.

1 pouch contains 4 x 30mg original patches 
Total amount of CBD per pouch: 120mg 
Up to 48 hours extended wear
Uses: For adults over 18 years. CBD 30mg per patch. Non-psychoactive.
Ingredients: Cannabidiol, Methacrylic Acid, Ethylhexylacrylate, Bentonite, Sodium Stearate.