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Eboni Cosmetics - Natural Body Butter - Unscented


Eboni Cosmetics is a Black Owned business founded here in the UK. This all natural and plastic free body butter is made from ethically sourced raw shea butter and coconut oil from Ghana. The company work closely to support and empower Ghanaian Women in their communities. 

This is a company with both HEART and soul...As a plant based and eco-friendly company, Eboni Cosmetics bring the power of Mother Earths beauty secrets to curate a deeply nourishing natural body butter great for ALL skin types. 

This unscented moisturised is GREAT at nourishing extremely dry, sensitive skin. We have held off on any essential oils as we know this can irritate eczema prone skin. 

- 100% Organic 
- 100% Natural 
- 100% Vegan 
- 100% Cruelty Free 
- 100% Plastic Free 
Size: 150g Tin
Ingredients: It's simple - Shea Butter & Coconut Oil..

A luscious natural skincare swap to feed your SKIN & SOUL..

Sustainable Haircare

Natural Shampoo Bars & Concentrated Salon Quality. We have Something For All Hair Types..

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