Georganics - Mineral Toothpaste - Spearmint


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We have partnered up with the amazing UK brand georganics bringing you the BEST in natural and eco-friendly oral products, only every using quality ingredients and production methods. 

The Mineral Toothpaste crams in all the natural goodness needed to keep your teeth healthy, clean and sparkling white. Free from synthetic ingredients this toothpaste is non foaming which takes some getting used to but we know that the chemicals used to foam are not natural! Mineral powders such as calcium carbonate are used to help maintain healthy, strong teeth and kaolin clay is the natural ingredient uses to remove toxins from the mouth. This is all laces it organic peppermint oil, which is GREAT for oil pulling toxins and stains from your teeth, leaving your mouth fresh and tingly. 

This 120g bottle will last you 3 months! 


  • Compostable Packaging 
  • Make In The UK 
  • Recyclable Container 
  • Vegan & Cruelty FREE 
  • Floride Free
  • Glycerine & SLS FREE

Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate , Kaolin Clay , Organic Shea Butter , Diatomaceous Earth , Sodium Bicarbonate , Organic Peppermint Oil