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My Manoa - Organic Green Tea and Kaolin Clay Mask - Dry, Sensitive Skin


My Manoa is an independent Hawaiian brand who boast using the mineral properties around the beautiful island to bring us exceptional natural skincare great for troubled skin. Stunning, simple beauty products without the price tag, always using the best quality organic and natural ingredients to bring back your skins natural glow without any harsh chemicals. 

Green tea is a powerful anti-inflammatory and contains potent antioxidants called catechins, which help to fight damage caused by free radicals. This all natural face mask is great for very sensitive, dry, red and inflamed skin as the green tea extract is naturally soothing. Poo has used this natural face mask on her inflamed eczema prone skin and finds it helps to calm and cool the sensitivity. Compared to other clays, Kaolin clay does not over dry or expose your skin, gentle enough for sensitive skin this will help sooth your skin and soften the texture. 

Ingredients: Organic Green Tea & Kaolin Clay Mask