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Nguvu Mens Sheacare Skincare - 200g Blue Water Shea Body Butter


Nguvu Sheacare Skincare is a Black Owned business founded in Ghana - based on ethical excellence the company strives to provide fair terms of trade for their cooperative group, ensuring sustainable standard from source to skin, for people and planet. The Nguvu Foundation gives back to the communities who have brought us these gorgeous products. A brand with HEART, SOUL and so much more.. 

The Nguvu Aqua is a little lighter than dense shea butters, perfectly blended for those summer, warmer months. Blended with essential oils to give your skin the ultimate moisture and hydration it deserves, replacing the greasiness with a natural glow. The BLUE WATER scent is a classic for men, but also women! Less floral this is the perfect tub of goodness for the men in your lives..

Always 100% natural, vegan-friendly, recyclable, handcrafted with love, Made in Ghana..

Ingredients: Unrefined Shea Butter, Aqua, Vitamin E, Blue Water Fragrance oil

Sustainable Haircare

Natural Shampoo Bars & Concentrated Salon Quality. We have Something For All Hair Types..

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