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Pott Candle - Terra Candle - 50hr Burn Time


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The talented team at Pott Candles have created these gorgeous Artisan, hand thrown clay pots with reusable, eco friendly, plastic free, natural wax refills that will have your stunning pott glowing for generations!  

The Terra Candle

The Tera Candle reminds us of the Luxury scent of Tom Fords oud. Laced with the rich earthly notes of cedarwood and patchouli the candle has a warm harmonious balance to it making it both earth, spiced and slightly sweet. This has to be our favourite one of the bunch. Infused with ylang ylang and smooth vetiver, it makes the an easy burn that you wont find in everywhere. It is a scent that people will keep talking about...

We have a tradition in our home...we choose a candle for the Season to remind us of that time in our lives. Poo's dad used to buy her mum a new perfume every holiday to capture the memories of that trip in scent form and she always wondered why...turns out Memories & Emotions are highly related to scent, odors (good or bad!) take a direct route to the limbic system, including the amygdala and the hippocampus, the regions related most strongly to our emotions and our memories. 

Lets use this smell to create and stimulate happy memories that we can cherish through the power of smell YEARS from now...

Candle Specifications

250g rapeseed & coconut wax

100% natural essential oils

50 hour burn time

Pot Specifications

9cm high, 7.5cm wide - roughly...every Pott is hand-thrown. Each one is unique so may look slightly different to the picture!