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Reusable Cotton Beauty Buds

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I have this photo of a seahorse holding onto a cotton bud and it is completely ingrained in my mind, burnt in like a memory i want to forget. We have a solution to saving the seahorses.. 

These reusable 'cotton' buds or Rasta Beauty Buds are re-usable and they have the most perfect tips (that's what she said). We have to admit we have an obsession with clean ears, probably more than most humans because his hair grows upwards and mine is always in a messy bun..these really do the job better than any other buds we have used. 

  • Reusable Product 
  • 4 bud options - 1 Original, 2 Deep Cleaning, 1 Beauty  
  • 3 Colour Options 


Natural Skincare curated with the power of Mother Earth. Feed your skin, nurture your soul, take care of you..  

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