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The Un Company - Eco Friendly Menstrual Cup


The Un Company are out to tackle one of the biggest recycling issues going, the Women's Environmental Network has estimated that each woman will use over 11,000 disposable period products in her lifetime with sanitary pads being one of the biggest culprits! We need to change our habits. These cups are brilliant, personally I have quiet heavy periods and Cup 2 suits me well - a complete game changer once you get used to the process.. 

As you know we love a company with heart, The Un Company donate a proportion of each sale to Period Poverty which ties directly to the industry and women who do not have the luxuries we do, and and Hestia  a charity that supports women who have been victim to domestic violence. 

Directions: Simply fold the wide side of the cup into a curved c shape so it is easy to slide in, the cup will naturally unfold inside you and move into a comfortable position as you contract your muscles. We recommend removing the cup and tipping out the contents every 8 -12 hours depending on your flow. To disinfect, simply pop the cup into boiling hot water for 7 minutes. You will be provided with more detailed instructions with the purchase of this product to help you get comfortable.